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Development Update

Dear Members,

We are pleased to share some exciting developments and progress updates from Cove Sailing Club regarding the clubhouse project and funding initiatives.

We are on schedule with the build, aiming for substantial completion by December this year, with some works extending to March due to additional funding from Argyll and Bute Council.

The imminent hiring of an Engagement and Events Officer will enhance our outreach and participation efforts, paving the way for new projects and revenue streams.

We extend our gratitude to our dedicated team of volunteers and our newfound charitable status, which enhances our access to funding and potential private donations. 

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for the Cove Sailing Club's endeavours.

Funding Secured:

1. We have successfully secured funding from the Community Ownership Fund, providing essential support for the clubhouse project £428k Capital £50k Revenue.

2. Additionally, we have secured £49,998 funding from Argyll and Bute Council, further bolstering our financial resources.

3. Heritage Lottery Application is submitted, aiming to undertake a year-long project documenting and presenting the history of the Loch Long One Design. This initiative will culminate in an exhibition throughout the new clubhouse and a cadet programme to restore a Loch Long.

4. A Sports Scotland Funding application for £100k is in progress, with submission expected in May.

5. We are grateful for a generous donation from the Loch Long Owners Association, which greatly contributes to our funding efforts.

6. The Naval base has also generously donated 10 days of manpower, aiding in various aspects of the project.

Planning and Build Update:

1. Planning Permission has been approved, and the Building Warrant is underway, with Engineers drawings nearing completion.

2. Various surveys, including Asbestos, Trial Pits, and Topography, have been completed in preparation for construction.

3. We have released an Expression of Interest for the Main Contractor, with the full Tender package set to be released shortly.

Draft interior images (still to be developed)

Funding Update:

While we continue fundraising efforts to ensure we meet all project costs, we are exploring grants for renewable energy and the installation of EV charging points at the club.

We still need to raise £103k to meet predicted costs. We welcome donations if you can contribute.

Sailing Update:

At present, we have 10 Loch Longs on the moorings at Cove with another 3 or 4 to come.  No. 83 Ornsay has re-joined the Cove fleet this year having been out of the water and is being enthusiastically raced by 17 year old Rhuairidh Hall whilst 18 year Old RobbIe Devenny is campaigning Tik Hai.  With plenty of cadets now getting regular crewing spots in the fleet, there is a youthful look about the fleet although some of the old stagers are still winning the races!

The fleet has been further expanded by the arrival of both Viva and Mosquito, both of which are due to be launched in the next couple of weeks.  With these additions, we have a solid fleet to build on and it is hoped that the new clubhouse will allow us to expand even further.

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