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Expression of Interest : New Clubhouse Contractor

New Clubhouse for Cove Sailing Club

HMA Architects are working on behalf of Cove Sailing Club on the detail design and construction of our new Clubhouse funded by the UK Government Leveling Up Community Ownership Grant. It is to be built essentially over the footprint of the current building.

At this stage we are seeking Expressions of Interest from contractors with interest for the forthcoming construction phase.

The building itself is currently envisaged as an insulated timber kit structure, with a timber joisted floor bearing onto a masonry sub floor structure including retaining walls to the road side and returning down the gable ends as required.

In order to achieve level access to the new Clubhouse, the proposals involve raising the main floor level up, with storage spaces below, with the car park and site levels to the road side of the building raised/adjusted to provide level access to the main door facing the roadway.

To the seaward side and flanks, the proposal is to install a steel framed balcony structure to provide direct access to the changing areas and “Bridge” as well as external seating – while maintaining access to the storage areas in the lower level.

In terms of timescales, we are targeting the issue of Tender information mid to late May 2024 with the works targeted for completion by the end of December 2024 in order to meet stipulations associated with the various bodies providing funding for the project.

Currently, it is envisaged the existing Clubhouse will remain open until August to cover the current sailing season – however, if necessary to hit the target end date, the start date for the demolition of the existing building could be brought forward.

Please see below zip. file. Including PDF copies of our current drawings detailing the proposals, along with a PDF copy of the recently completed topographic survey of the site, demonstrating the site levels and presence of rock substrate within the area of the proposed building footprint. We also enclose a selection of site photographs for your information.

If this is of interest we would appreciate it if you confirm via email to

  1. If your company is interested in tendering for this work

  2. Confirm that you would be able to allocate the necessary resources to bring the completed building in on schedule.

  3. Broad overview on the necessary construction period and lead times in order for us to adjust timescales for issuing tender documents to facilitate this.

We look forward to hearing from you, please get in touch with Iain McIntosh of HMA Architects should you have any questions.

Should you wish to visit the site, please contact


Iain McIntosh

HMA Architects

19 Charlotte Street


G84 7EZ

Tel: 01436 653081

Download ZIP • 3.10MB

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