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What We Do



Cove Sailing Club hosts social events such as barbecues, dinners, and quiz nights for members and their families. Other events might include regatta dinners, awards ceremonies, and fundraising events.

We also frequently host educational events such as guest speakers and workshops on topics related to sailing and boating.

Social events at Cove Sailing Club are a great way for members and the community to connect with one another, share their passion for sailing, and build a sense of community around the club.


Racing & Training

Cove Sailing Club offers regular racing events - biweekly race nights, alongside an annual race calendar. Cove Sailing Club also offers free cadet training throughout the season for club members aged 8 years old and above. There are regular training opportunities provided for members to learn skills such as power boating, race officer and food hygiene certificates. 

As well as a full season of cadet sailing training, the cadets are also offered life skills and experiences such as waitering, events support and event planning. 


Community Space

Cove Sailing Club acts as a community hub for sailing and non-sailing activities. 

We are currently running our Sunday Scran programme, which has been funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, to provide free food and activities throughout the year once a month. More details of this can be found on our social media. Please get in touch if you would like to use the clubhouse for your event.

Cove Sailing Club has a range of equipment such as kayaks, dinghies and safety equipment that can be hired by enquiring to us. 

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